Tri-Nation Tour Tee Design

I recently finished a Tee design commissioned by my Dad, Ken Wiley, and his racing friend, West Evans. Nest year, in January, they are going to be part of a 2 week racing tour for what are called TQ (Three-quarter) Midgets. No, they don’t race little people, they race open wheel cars that haul butt around on an oval. They are freakin’ awesome, Google’m and check’em out if you’ve never seen them.

So for their racing tour, they wanted to have some t-shirts made up, and I had the great opportunity to work on this project with them. The final design is done and is now off to the t-shirt printing company. I’m very excited to see the final product! The design reflects an old school-vintage racing shirt, clean and clear. The three countries who will be participating in this tour are the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, and all of their national colors are red, white, and blue; this made the color decisions pretty simple, let’s reflect the national colors! The shirt color will be the white, and then the design uses the red and blue (the actual print colors will likely vary, but these were the colors that I leaned towards). Anyway, as you can see the design utilizes a classic bold serif font (ChunkFive), some patriotic stars and stripes, a triangle composition with simple silhouettes of each respective country’s national animal, and at the center a TQ midget. Again, this was a great project and looking forward to seeing the finished product!

NZ Tri-Nation Tee

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