Superhero Family Portrait

I recently had the honor of working with Joe and Keri Johnson to create a custom-illustrated Family Portrait. And I’m so thrilled with the final product! First off, I know great it is to have a well done Family Portrait, and photography is often the approach to having that done, but Joe and Keri wanted something even more unique. Joe came to me with the idea, and I loved it! I had done a couple of illustrations featuring the likeness of clients or their family members, but never a whole Family Portrait.

We tossed a lot of ideas around, narrowed down our direction to a classic “golden-age” super hero look, refined the family logo, and through a lot of collaboration, the final illustration was born!

Here are some Joe’s thoughts on doing this project with me:

“My family commissioned Lee to help create an alternative to the traditional family portrait, which can be quite a handful with three young kids. My wife and I came up with the Idea of having our family portrait illustrated as a family of superheroes. Overall, this was a really fun project, and we included our kids in choosing which super powers they wanted to have. Lee was very professional about the project, providing several version updates to ensure that we would be happy with our illustration (which we absolutely love), and also was able to keep it pretty spot on to the estimated budget that we had arranged at the beginning. I would recommend Lee to anyone and everyone.”

I’m always on the lookout for new clients and opportunities, so if you or someone you know is interested in a project like this, feel free to contact me!

Check out the Johnson Superhero Family Portrait:

Superhero Family Portrait

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