Steampunk Ninja Turtles

Steampunk Ninja Turtles! Imagine…a vast wormhole of time has transported our favorite Reptilian Crime-fighters to an alternate past, one filled with DaVinci and Verne inspired technology, a time of STEAMPUNK!

I’ve had this concept rolling around in my head for a while now…at first, I over thought it and it wasn’t really working, but once I reigned a solid direction by making sure to pick steampunk elements that really fit the personalities of each of the Turtles, I was able to find a fun and effective balance.

Leonardo – in his somewhat “Gatsby” inspired look has a very classic, gentleman’s style that makes him a Leader not to be trifled with.
Donatello – the inventor of the team, sports a set of DaVinci inspired wings.
Raphael – the warrior, battle-damaged, with a mechanical arm, and complete with Japanese inspired attire.
Michelangelo – having taken off with one of Donnie’s inventions, the wild child of the bunch is in mid-flight on a steam-powered skate board.

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