FOSSIL Vintage Tin Design

I found out about a contest that Fossil watches was doing from a friend for a Vintage Tin Design, and thought it would be a neat contest to enter and try my hand at! I love vintage design, I love to dabble with it. At first, I thought, I probably won’t because I don’t have much of an idea…then one night an idea came to me. I’m a huge fan of the classic Route 66 post cards, it was something that I remember my parents selling at our retail business that we had in Flagstaff, AZ in the 90’s. Then of course that got me thinking about how Flagstaff is on Route 66. So, I decided to make a beloved place that I once lived in, Flagstaff, the location of my design. I went with a classic 50’s corvette and started playing around with compositions. I had it pretty solid, with elements of downtown Flagstaff, the San Francisco peaks, the vette, but something was missing…a human element. So, I decided to throw a little “homage” to my Grandpa and Grandpa Wiley and painted in some characters that resemble them back in the day. When it was all done, I was pretty happy with the final design. Check out below my final design and the Detail of the characters inspired by my Grandparents.

Unfortunately for me, the final designs to be voted on were curated from all the submissions and my submission was not chosen #wawaw.  Oh well, it was cool to see it on their site up until voting, but I think you should all take a look at the finalists and vote for your favorite here.

Fossil Tin Art

Fossil Art Detail

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