Flash CS6 Illustration

Near the end of last year, I shared a post about my Illustration work for the Dreamweaver CS6 course that my Design Team and I worked on for LearnKey. Since then we’ve completed a few more trainings for Adobe CS6 programs. Among them is Flash CS6, which I had the pleasure of developing the artwork for.

Keeping in with the aesthetic which we developed dubbed “Geometric¬†Surrealism,” the art for this course was inspired by the idea of a “junkyard in your mind”, elements of things that a person may have seen or imagined, and how those elements would mesh together. I took elements from my mind that were all based on themes that were fun and intriguing to me, Robots, theme parks, turtles, cars, space ships, music, shoes, and of course the beautiful Southern Utah landscape.

The mockup for the painting was done in Photoshop by compositing all the images which I had compiled for the look of this “junkyard” and then I did a little bit of rough digital painting.

After the mockup was complete, I decided to build the final artwork in Flash (How appropriate a project about Flash, with art built in Flash!) What made this so great too, is that I could build the individual pieces in a way that they could be animated to bring more life to the art.; it was a bit of a tedious process to create all these elements in that manor, but I think it really pays off!

Here is a demo of the animated artwork created in AfterEffects, it gives a brief look at the animated elements of the artwork and then the camera zooms to the “art gallery” where the Instructor presents to the users in the course.

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