Fannatiku Fest 2015

At the end of March this year, I had the chance to table at a local comic convention, Fannatiku Fest 2015. The focus is a bit more on Anime at this show but many of the anime fans love my style. It’s great how much even among so many sub-genres in comic and pop culture, there are common threads that are enjoyed by all! It was a relatively small show, but it was very nice to do a smaller scale show like this one.

I had the opportunity to meet and talk with many local comic fans as well as connect with other local talent. Doing this show is helping me fulfill two goals for this year. First, I am doing a couple of smaller shows to see how they compare to the larger shows. There is definitely less cost involved in these smaller shows, this one in particular had no travel expenses since it was in my own city. And, I think these smaller shows give me the ability to shine and stand out from the crowd a bit more! The second goal is to grow my local audience. This is where I definitely saw a benefit. I will also be appearing at the Washington County Fair as part of a local panel of comic artists that will be showing their work and meeting the people there, so looking forward to this show in August!

At Fannatiku, my most popular item was again the Cardboard Sketches! I’ve really started to build quite a good reputation on these commissions and have plans in the coming year to do more with them! Expiration Date was second big seller which keeps me stoked since we are working on completing the final 2 issues. Overall, it was a fun time, and the more that I do conventions, the more it gets in my blood to keep it going!

Oh yeah and here are some of the Cardboard sketches from Fannatiku.

Baymax with his belly sticking out.

Baymax 2

Baymax in full armor.

Baymax 1

Fred from Big Hero 6.


Howl and Calcifer.


Kiki and Gigi from Kiki’s Delivery Service.


Liara from Mass Effect.


Steve from MineCraft.


No Face from Spirited Away.


Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.


Slash from TMNT.


Go Speed Racer Go!


My Neighbor TOTORO!


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