It has been a long road, but I finally made it back to Comikaze! And it did not disappoint. I brought the newly completed Expiration Date #3 to the show as well as added new items to my table. I added prints of original artwork (Steampunk turtles, Walking hip, and more) and premiered my Cardboard Sketches…which were an absolute hit, and were my most popular item Friday, the first day of the show, and probably overall.

I had hoped that the cardboard sketches would sell, but the reaction on them was just so great. Every person that commissioned one picked up their sketch with a look of shock and awe, they all looked like they got more than they expected! Such a great thing to have your fans do when they see the art that you created for them! One kid even said that I was “The Best Part of this Convention!” Wow, that made me feel good! I also did a couple of Sketches in sketchbooks for a couple of people, ironically, they both wanted Ninja turtles.

Expiration Date really started to find it’s groove mid-day Saturday, and then took off on Sunday, the last day. I gained some great new readers that day, as well as got to do another fun video interview with the Defective Geeks! I can’t wait to see it once it is online. By the way, Expiration Date #3 is now available for purchase online at My Store!

Needless to say, I can’t wait for my next convention! Now, check out the ton of Sketches from the show!

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Ah-ba-dee-ba-dee. That’s All Folks!

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