2015 Wrap-Up

Wow, 2015 has been a crazy year! It’s not quite over, but all my big events have finished…not that I won’t be busy for the rest of the yeat, just more work at home to do in order to be ready for big plans next year! So, here is the 2015 Wrap-up! I did 3 conventions this year. FannatikuFest, a local show for me, in St. George, Utah; CosplayCon in Studio City, California; and Stan Lee’s Comikaze in Los Angeles, California. Along with that, I did 2 local events! I was part of the Washington County Fair as a guest for their Super Hero themed fair this year. Also, I appeared at the Free Comic Book Day event “HalloweenFest” with our local comic book shop, Comics Plus!

I’ve learned a lot over the past year, as far as what I do that really appeals to fans and how to improve at shows. Cardboard sketches seem to be the biggest draw to my table. They are unique and eye-catching! No one else does these…I think! I’m going to start making a lot more of these that are done and ready for the shows. In the past, I did more custom ones, but I find that a lot of people like the already drawn ones. So, I’m going to start making a lot more before the shows as well still offer the customs ones. After that, my most popular item is the Expiration Date series! It is not easy to convince someone to purchase a new and original graphic novel series, and I’ve had good success with it. But I would like to see it take off more! That’s why this next year is so exciting because the final issue, issue 5, will be complete! Following it’s completion, we have a plan in motion to print the full volume in a hardback edition! Having the complete story will be very appealing to readers as well as help us move onto more things with this book. We’ve got a plan to pitch it around to publishers, agents, and filmmakers to get this action thriller out into an even wider audience!

Well, those are some of the milestones from this year, now I’ve got a bunch of pictures that I want to share with you, enjoy!

I completed Expiration Date issue #4 this year and it made it’s big premiere at Comikaze 2015. To get your own copy or get the whole bundle, go here.

ExpDate Cover 4

A cardboard sketch of The Winter Soldier that I did at the County Fair. I really liked drawing this one!


This Poison Ivy came out so nice. I really loved how her colors worked with the cardboard color.


Oh man, this Joker was great to draw. The likeness is after the guy who commissioned it, and he loved it!


Wolverine! I loved drawing him in his X-Force suit, man that design is just the best.


I really liked trying something a little different with this Batman pose, yeah, it’s awesome.


Dr. Who is so popular! One of the things that I get asked to draw a lot. But, I wanted to try something different with this one, with LEGO Dr. Who!


I freakin’ love the Spider-Man Future Foundation suit design, so naturally, I had to draw it.


This was one of the coolest commissions that I was asked to do. It’s Norse Mythology Characters representing the Hogwart’s Houses.

Thor representing Hufflepuff, Loki representing Slytherin,Odin representing Ravenclaw, and Balder representing Gryffindor.


Nightwing. Who does’t love some of the Dark Knight’s protege!


Totoro! He’s just adorable, and one of the most requested characters that I draw!


Oh man, that Spider-Gwen costume is just the best. Granted I did add her hair to be out with her mask on. This was a sketch cover (my first one that I was asked to draw) for one of my biggest fans.


Brent (Left), one of my biggest fans, and Christian (Right), another super fan! These guys really help keep me in business, and I appreciate their support so much!


Okay, so I absolutely loved this Girl’s Cosplay! Steampunk Kiki. Her name is Delilah, and she wanted a cardboard sketch but was bummed I didn’t have a Kiki, so I said, let me draw a Kiki with your Cosplay! She loved that idea! It’s something that I’ve done a few times, but I think this was my favorite! See the result below.


Isn’t Steampunk Kiki, just awesome?! Yeah, I think so, but I’m not biased ;)


So even though the new Star Wars movie isn’t out yet, who doesn’t love BB8? So I did a BB8 cardboard series. It’s got the regular BB8, Leila-inspired BB8, and Steampunk BB8.




I met another great super fan this year, Jesse, he bought a couple of sketches at the show, and just praised each piece! He’s already contacted me for more art. It’s always great to have people reach out for more work! Check out this Indominus Rex and T. Rex that I’ve made for him.



One of the best things about Comikaze this year was that my wife got to come with me, and our kids stayed with family back home, so this got to be a couple’s trip for us! Since the Saturday of the show was Halloween, we wanted to dress up. We kept it simple and did Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler from the Big Bang Theory. We got a lot of compliments, but she got way more! Her look was spot on, a lot of people asked for her picture, and many people did a double take to see if was really her or not. It was so great having her with at this show.


And there it is, me at my booth at Comikaze. This is generally how my booth is set up with tweaks here and there as needed. So, If you’re ever at a show keep your eye out, you may just see my big blue banner with my name on it!


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